Honestly I think the answer to this is that it can be a bit of both.  To explain:

Some people are born empaths (and in this case I am talking about emotional empaths)… their energy bodies can be wide open because many if not all of their energy centres are made open to boundless energy, which allows the free flow of energy through their bodies.  They are predisposed to have weak boundaries yet at the same time they will be incredibly aware of their surroundings and what is going on in the universe – they are the seers and the healers of this planet.  In times gone by in Native American cultures if a child was born with every one of the energy centres open this child was taken aside and trained as an energy healer immediately – not only because this is what they are born to do, but also to protect the child … these children cannot cope in ‘normal’ society and are very vulnerable to taking on too many detrimental energies into their bodies which is not good for them, especially cumulatively over time – it will make them sick either physically, mentally or both.  I would say that this is prevalent in western society today especially, simply because this knowledge is more often not considered – and many would benefit from taking this into account.  There are powerful techniques you can adopt to help yourself if this is you.

However, I can also see that one can also be made more empathy sensitive than they were born to be by living through a childhood of abuse, be it emotional, physical or sexual.  When a child is under constant pressure to ‘walk on eggshells’, ‘be seen and not heard’, navigate through constant criticisms and/or to make sure you always say and do the ‘right’ things, to name but a few instances, then one’s energy body is forced to constantly go outside of their body and survey the situation outside of it to find out what everyone is thinking and feeling, so that they can then use that information to help them to be as safe as they can be in their toxic environment that they cannot escape from.  Over time their energy bodies get so used to being ‘on patrol’ this creates abandonment in oneself… and makes you very vulnerable indeed to negative influences of any kind.  As a bi-product of this lack of support of a child’s emotional needs the act of doubting oneself, worrying, stress etc blows great holes in one’s aura in turn making them even more vulnerable and open to them feeling everything going on around them, overloading their nervous system, and picking up detrimental energies.  Narcissistic personalities, sociopathic and psychopathic individuals, as well as people suffering from borderline personality disorders are drawn to empaths because that is their energy food source (consciously and more often than not unconsciously) so, it is important to be discerning who you spend time with – and without knowledge that any of this is happening on an energy level, and without knowing what to do about it makes it is very difficult to stay healthy in these conditions.

These issues can also gel into one due to the nature of being ‘too open’ energetically, but whatever the case (and every case is different) both these empathic situations left unchecked can develop into what has been labelled by the psychiatric field as C-PTSD, which is NOT a personality disorder (it has sometimes been wrongly linked to BPD which is mis-information), it is an INJURY and has nothing to do with a personality disorder.  This condition can be cured over time and I have personally seen it happen (I’ll expand more on C-PTSD later).

It isn’t as black and white as all this of course.  The movement of the planets will have an impact on your openness and vulnerability too, where their sound can impact your body to open up more at some times more than others and also attract certain detrimental energies to you at certain times, which I see as challenges to overcome.  If you watch carefully you will see a pattern to this, like watching your cycles in tune with the moon, it’s the same thing – although some of the cycles are much larger than the moon’s monthly cycle.

So being born an empath is a wonderful gift that needs to be nurtured with care – and you have to be really careful what environments you put yourself in from the word go so that you can make the most of your gifts.  Becoming an empath through abuse is the silver lining of your situation, but is a hard path I wouldn’t wish on anyone – however, there are many that are taking it and have taken it, and more often than not it is through feeling they have no other choice because they are either a child who cannot escape or have such a low self-esteem their decision processes are weakened and have become co-dependent.  In either case it is very important that you acknowledge how you are made and/or what has been happening to you energetically through long-term exposure to abuse, so that you can then learn energy exercises to keep yourself safe and well.

If any of this sounds like you then don’t wait any longer, start helping yourself.  I have written an e-book containing a powerful exercise that if you do every day will help get you started.  If you sign up to my newsletter you will be sent a free copy so you can get started straight away.  And/or take time to look around my site, there may be something there that you feel you could benefit from there.

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