Introducing the new Hare Tarot Deck – One of a Kind

Introducing the new Hare Tarot Deck – One of a Kind. Over the coming months I will be designing a complete deck. Once I have completed a large portion of this Hare Tarot Deck it is my hope that I will have many followers keen to see this project go to print, so I will be initialising a KickStarter campaign at some point in the future so that you can all help this happen…

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Are Empaths Born or are they Made through experiencing Abuse?

Honestly I think the answer to this is that it can be a bit of both.  To explain: Some people are born empaths (and in this case I am talking about emotional empaths)… their energy bodies can be wide open because many if not all of their energy centres are made open...

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Animal Healing with Liz Shewan Soul Rebalancing 2016 2

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