Mentoring for Artists, Makers and Creatives

I offer something nobody else does … my approach to mentoring is one of a kind.  This is because I offer down to earth energy healing in my service too, and I teach you how to use these techniques all on your own for when I am not there.  I offer this simply because when it comes to clearing blockages, be they creative or personal blockages (they are one and the same) I have found no better way to get through them.

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Mentoring for Healers, Therapists, Shamans and Psychics

I am experienced in feeding back on healers work and giving them grounded support in expanding their careers. I am especially gifted in helping healers maintain their own energy health to prevent ‘burn out’ – many healers are ultra-sensitive and need much help in this area. I help healers hone and develop their intuitive, psychic and translation skills that can greatly increase their ability to help their clients quickly and easily.

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I offer a mentoring service to assist emerging and established creatives and healers in the development of their practice and careers.

As an artist mentor I draw on over 16 years experience of being a professional artist and over 10 year’s experience of being a professional energy healing consultant. My mentoring service is focused on supporting you in being the best you can be, and in communicating your unique take on the world to the widest possible audience.

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