Artists Mentor Half Hour Session Top Up


This is a great session for topping up. This session is great for you if you have already had a full or a half day session, some time has gone by, and you have some questions that you would like to go through to gain more clarity.  This session is for half an hour given via VideoSkype or telephone.

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The work in this sessions takes place on many levels including an energetic level and will help you to make clear effective decisions, enabling and empowering you to shine and be the best artist, maker and creative you can be.

In these sessions we will look at:


Find your Voice

Overcoming creative blocks using down to earth energy healing methods.

Get yourself Out There

Marketing – your identity, website setup, photographing your work, social media .

Legal Formalities

Consignment receipts and contracts.  Copyright.


Helping you expand your creativity.

Sell your Work

Pricing and selling your work.


Getting Seen

Approaching galleries and shops and organising smaller shows.  Selling online.


Get Organised

Portfolio reviews and development.


Keeping on Top of Things

Documenting and cataloguing your work.


Finding your Niche

Identifying new contacts and audiences.

First meetings are either a half-day session or full day, usually in your studio.  This session is a half day session which is for 4 hours.  If you don’t have a studio or would rather come to me meetings will be held at Old Park Hall by arrangement – you will need to bring your laptop to show me all your work and bring a couple of originals with you if they are easy to carry.  If you work from outside a 30 miles from Axminster you can either travel to Axminster to meet (there is a train station there) or I can come to you, but travel and expenses will be additional (lunch and dinner, accommodation if necessary).

Each session is bespoke and all about you, so your needs dictate how the sessions go.  You can book as many or as few sessions over any period of time that’s appropriate for you.  How much we do will depend on how long you choose for your mentoring sessions, as this will dictate how much strategizing we can do. If you book in bulk I offer a discount.

 Basic rates for initial sessions

 •£175.00 for half a day (4 hours)

•£350.00 for a full day (8 hours)

 If sessions take place outside of the 30 miles radius from Axminster the full day rate of £350 will always apply.

 Additional charges

For sessions outside the 30 mile limit charges for travel & expenses (accommodation and dinner as appropriate) will be incurred on top of the basic fee. Time spent travelling to your location once I am outside of the 30 mile limit will also be charged for at a rate of £15 per hour.  

For meetings at Old Park Hall an additional cost will be added for half a day £60 and a full day £120.

I will invoice you separately for any additional charges as per your requirements.

Eating arrangements

If I visit your studio I can either bring my own lunch or we can go somewhere nearby and continue our conversation. If we meet at Old Park Hall lunch can be provided at extra cost dependant on your requirements.  We will both be responsible for the cost of our own food and drinks

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are usually conducted via Skype or telephone:

•Half hour session – £37.50

•One hour session – £75.00

•Monthly support – £140.00 (x2 sessions and email support)

•6 months support – £810.00 (x2 sessions a month and email support)

I offer something nobody else does … my approach to mentoring is one of a kind. This is because I offer down to earth energy healing in my service too, and I teach you how to use these techniques all on your own for when I am not there.  I offer this simply because when it comes to clearing blockages, be they creative or personal blockages (they are one and the same) I have found no better way to get through them.  I have over 10 years experience of working with both people and animals in this way.  I have over sixteen years’ experience of working as a professional artist, and over ten years’ of working as an energy healing consultant.  My broad experience in managing an art career and a healing business, helping others to overcome blocks, taking commissions, holding group and solo exhibitions both in commercial galleries and hired spaces, running a gallery, producing bodies of work, marketing and sales in the private sector, running workshops, soul rebalancing sessions, healing sessions, photographing work, managing websites and social media and campaigns gives me a wealth of knowledge for artists to draw upon.   I am also experienced in feeding back on artists work, uncovering blocks and helping them move forward, supporting them in refining and articulating their line of enquiry.  If, however, you are looking to move into the public sector producing large-scale public art works, councils, architects and planners then I am not the right person for you as I have no experience in this area.  

My training as an artist and a life coach has provided me with a unique ability as an artist mentor to get inside an artists practice quickly and see where they need the most support.  I challenge you to be the best version of yourself everyday. I have a straight forward, straight talking approach that means we are able to get to the heart of the issues and find a strategy to help.  I never let you get away with saying ‘I don’t know’… I will help you to dig deep, find clarity and articulate your thoughts and verbalize feelings you can’t quite reach.  I push you professionally, and personally.  These sessions are all about you and I help you to develop great artistic habits early on or for those later in their career to unplug old non-beneficial habits and move forward with a fresh outlook.  And I don’t let you get away with anything!  

And finally… wherever I go, my dog goes – she is my studio/gallery assistant.  This needs to be taken into consideration

Ultimately when it comes down to it each session is bespoke and I will tailor the consultation purely to your needs … it is all about YOU.

Please know, Liz is really busy. She always endeavours get back to you within 48 hours. On the whole wait time for appointments can be any time from 1 to 3 weeks. Occasionally slots are available the next day. I do not work in the evening after 6pm or on a Sunday.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking. It is assumed that once you have booked a session you have agreed to my terms and conditions.


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