Distant Animal Healing


I’m very excited to now be offering this new THREE DAY TREATMENT for your animals all the time for just £10 … I work with any species so don’t hold back!

For this treatment I will work from a distance using a photograph, you can send me this via email at the time of making your appointment.  This treatment is great for those that have physical issues that have come about from accidents such as cuts, sores and ripped ligaments, as an example.  It is also good for things like lumps, eczema, limps, arthritic pain.  I will connect on an energy level with your animal for three days and send healing related to the isuse in hand.

Please read below for more information …


What you need to do is send me a photograph of your animal, you need to tell me what is wrong, where they have pain etc and once you have paid your £10 I will then send healing to your animal for three days.

It is a good place to start, and sometimes is all that is needed. After three days we can discuss if there have been any changes, recommendations and take it from there. Communication may be necessary to get to the route of the problem via arrangement, which involves me connecting in a different way … but this treatment is an excellent place to start helping your animal.

Please note that these sessions do NOT include communication and if you are wanting more in-depth details about your animal and what they want to convey to you then you must book an Animal Healing and Communication Session as it takes more energy and time and uses different methods/skills.



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