Soul Rebalancing Monthly Support Sessions


These sessions are great for those of you that are just starting out on the energy healing road.  It’s great to commit fully to your healing – it makes a big difference to things in the long run.  Half hearted efforts do not really work, this work takes dedication … and you have to put in the work.  I help you to stay on course and make that move to thrive in your life.  With this package each session is for 1 hour time twice a month.

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Booking these sessions are going for GOLD!  You are fed up with struggling through your life, you’re in the process of going through the ‘dark night of your soul’ and you really want a guiding hand to help you through to the other side – and you know it’s going to take a little time.  Fully committing to this path is empowering in itself and something that you will feel really good about.  I won’t say it’s going to be easy … some parts of it will really be quite challenging … but that’s the point.  We dig deep, nothing get’s left unturned.  A six months commitment allows you to really get stuck in.  And as always I help you to stay on course and make that move to thrive in your life.  Please allow for a 1 hour time slot twice a month for these sessions.

Ultimately when it comes down to it each session is bespoke and I will tailor the consultation purely to your needs … it is all about YOU.

This work takes place on an energetic level and will help you to make clear effective decisions, enabling and empowering you to rebuild the connections that may have been damaged or even shattered to reconnect your mind, heart and physical body; so that you can allow yourself to be true to who you are in spirit and soul. You will find that areas of physical pain will often be cleared and your energy levels increase enormously.

These sessions are effective for healing:

Those who are highly sensitive to others

Recurring body symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, back pain, numbing, panic attacks, menstrual pain, IBS

Fear, shame, regrets and guilt

Lack of motivation and/or direction

• Control Issues

Emotional addictions

Low confidence and self-esteem that may have resulted in a feeling of loss of self.


Challenging relationships


Detrimental behavioural patterns


Recovering from abuse in many forms

I take you through each process in such a way that you will learn how energy and vibration works and where it impacts in your life and what to do about it at any time. You will learn how to clean out all that STUFF in your aura getting in the way to bring your life into balance, tweek your effectiveness and bring about inspired action. We will also look at your environment and diet where appropriate.

Using techniques such as:

Energy clearing, grounding, psychic protection and replenishing

Soul retrieval

Visual Feel Sensing bodywork methods

Creative painting

Extracting hardened energies

Transforming toxic emotional energies into light

Energy centre management

Past life healing

Astral negotiation

Removing imprints

Learning how to manage entities and intrusive entities

Emotional chord cutting

Clearing psychic coercion

Timebody healing

Removing crystallized energies

Considering environment issues

Integrating divine practice into every day life

And of course, don’t just take my word for it how useful these energy session are – take a look at what my clients are saying about the work that I offer.

I offer various packages:

  • 30 minute – £37.50 (a top up session for those who have already had a full 1 hour session within the last six months)
  • 1 hour Consultation – £75.00
  • 1 hour 10 minutes Consultation – First Session – £100.00
  • Monthly support – £150.00 due in advance (x2 sessions and email support)
  • 6 months support – £810.00 due in advance (x2 sessions a month a email support)

I am based on the Devon/Somerset/Dorset boarders in the UK. If you are not in the UK or you have little time these sessions are just as effective from a distance via Video Skype or a phone call. I also offer local home visits and consultations face to face in one of my clinics. If requested I will travel worldwide for group bookings/courses.

All telephone and VideoSkype session fees are due before the appointment time. If you request a face to face in person Soul Illumination Consultation then please call me to arrange an appointment. Mileage rates will apply.

Please know, Liz is really busy. She always endeavours get back to you within 48 hours. On the whole wait time for appointments can be any time from 1 to 3 weeks. Occasionally slots are available the next day. I do not work in the evening after 6pm or on a Sunday.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking. It is assumed that once you have booked a session you have agreed to my terms and conditions.


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