Create Peace in Your Life


I help people who are feeling overwhelmed to

deal with toxic relationships, heal and shine.



Remove Toxic People from your Life

Often people do not realise they are in a toxic relationship with a partner, parent, child, work colleague or a friend. This healing is all about not keeping toxic detrimental energies in your life.

I’m not here to make decisions for you – I help you to recognise, acknowledge and discover solutions. What you do is up to you I don’t make you do anything, but I will show you how to look after yourself and help you to understand how damaging keeping the relationship will be to you.  And throughout the process I offer you reassurance to help you move steadily through the process.

Create Healing

Using my intuition and energy healing methods I help you to tap into and honour your discernment, to understand your pain and move through the process of setting and honouring your boundaries, letting go and finding yourself again after the damage caused by toxic relationships.  This work also looks at healing birth trauma and inter-generational lineage trauma.

I am here to guide you and teach you how to heal yourself.  I use energy healing methods that you can take away and use again and again as and when you need them, for the rest of your life.  


Help Yourself to Heal

Unique Soul Rebalancing Sessions that teach you how Energy works and heal issues. Distant Healings to help with pain and trauma.

Help the Animals to Heal

Energy Healing and Communication to help clear behavioural issues and your mutual understanding. Distant Healings to help heal pain, injuries and cuts.

Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

unearth what is truly going on in the here and now in ALL areas of your life... The aim is to leave you feeling calm and empowered.

Infuse your Soul with Art

Wild swirly magical trees, big moons and golden skies, animals and their magic, spirit connections, soul journeys, families, freedom, stories, healings and hope.


Enlighten your Soul with Photography

A collection of photos from our daily life to show the change in the seasons and bring nature and beauty to the forefront of your minds ....

Jewellery to Compliment your Spirit

Exquisite handmade jewellery by Elizabeth Shewan to enhance your inner nature and complement your spirit.

Nature is Life.  Life is Nature.

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