Help yourself to Heal

Ultimately when it comes down to it each session is bespoke and I will tailor the consultation purely to your needs … it is all about YOU. I take you through each process in such a way that you will learn how energy and vibration works and where it impacts in your life and what to do about it at any time. You will learn how to clean out all that STUFF in your aura getting in the way to bring your life into balance, tweek your effectiveness and bring about inspired action. We will also look at your environment and diet where appropriate.


Look at challenging relationships and those that are draining you and find solutions.  

Be Happy

Look at healing your fear, shame, regrets and guilt that you may be holding, sometimes for many years, and finally allow yourself to grow your very own wings.


Recurring Body Symptoms

Look at healing symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, back pain, numbing, panic attacks, menstrual pain, IBS to name a few.


Find your Fire

Look at healing your lack of motivation and direction.

Emotional Addictions

Get to the bottom of your issues without going over and over them.  You will learn how to translate and transmute your blockages on an energy level. 

Become Strong

Look at healing low confidence and self-esteem that may have resulted in a feeling of loss of self so that you can make good decisions and move forward with renewed vigor.


Gain Confidence

Look at healing any humiliation that could be hidden away in your unconscious so that you can grow.



Take a good look at why you have allergies and look at how to change your habits around them and healing.


Look at Identifying abuse and control issues in many forms, often subtle, and how to approach these issues so that you can free yourself from restrictions and thrive.

Highly Sensitive People

Learn to become more robust and manage your energy so that you can still be sensitive but use it in a skilled way.  Especially useful for unskilled HSP’s and Empaths.


Look at healing your detrimental behavioural patterns so that you can become free of what is holding you back.

Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a top priority when it comes to us functioning at the best that we can be.  Look at identifying what is going on and healing insomnia.

My unique approach to healing

I take you through each process in such a way that you will learn how energy and vibration works and where it impacts in your life and what to do about it at any time. You will learn how to clean out all that STUFF in your aura getting in the way to bring your life into balance, tweak your effectiveness and bring about inspired action. We will also look at your environment and diet where appropriate.

Prepare for your Initial Session

Preparing for a Healing Session

All you have to be is present.  It’s a good idea to write down a list of things you want to go through during your session, things can get pretty intense and it helps to have things written down.  It’s helps me if you have specific questions so that we can get immediately into the process, although if doing this is difficult for you that is OK, once you have allowed me free access into your unconscious I can quickly unravel what is going on and help you get to the deepest parts of any issues and take you through the healing.

Each session is bespoke and all about you, so your needs dictate how the sessions go. More often than not I give you lots of homework.  You will then work on this in your own time and have the appropriate follow-up sessions via Skype or phone, to be agreed dependant on your requirements and wishes.    You can book as many or as few sessions over any period of time that’s appropriate for you.  How much we do will depend on how long you choose to carry on with your sessions, this will dictate how much soul work we can do.

All telephone and VideoSkype session fees are due at the time of booking your appointment. It is assumed that once you have booked a session you have agreed to my terms and conditions.

Please see Toxic Relationship Healing and Soul Rebalancing and see which is approriate for you.

And remember, I don’t let you get away with anything!

I go through each session in such a way that you can take away these techniques and use them when needed for the rest of your life.

In our Sessions we will be using techniques such as

Energy clearing, grounding, psychic protection and replenishing

Soul retrieval

Visual Feel Sensing bodywork methods

Creative painting

Extracting hardened energies

Transforming toxic emotional energies into light

Energy centre management

Past life healing

Astral negotiation

Removing imprints

Learning how to manage entities and intrustive entities

Integrating divine practice into every day life

Emotional cord cutting

Clearing psychic coercion

Timebody healing

Removing crystallized energies

Considering environment issues

Connecting with the Source

Inter-generational lineage trauma and birth healing

Change your Life Now

What are you waiting for?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Liz surpassed my expectation in providing information relating to my circumstances during my reading/soul rebalancing session – it was absolutely accurate, and Liz also gave me historical information that she could never have known before.  Liz has a most profound gift and provided me with one of the most comprehensive and insightful readings that I have had to date, giving the support and guidance that I needed, passing on to me why specific issues were present in my life and enabling removal of them.  During the session the energy shift was profound and left me feeling grounded but “lighter” after the session.  I will certainly be taking her advice on my future path and it is comforting to know that I am walking in the right direction; there will be hiccups along the way, but forewarned is forearmed.  I feel that this session was very good value for money and will certainly be having further sessions with Liz when I feel that I need to re-balance my energies again. I would not hesitate to recommend any of her treatments as she is one of the most powerful but gentle energy workers that I have had the pleasure and fortune to work with – this is from someone who has worked with many unique and powerful energy healers throughout the last five years. My consultation was intuitive, powerful and gentle. Even if someone has not tried this method of energy work before I would advise you to book a session with a lady who has been given and shares this most incredible gift.”



“About a week ago, I began to feel pain in my right hip after a few days of early morning running sessions. I am a regular, experienced runner and have never had many serious injury issues. I couldn’t fathom it as I had done nothing extraordinary. The pain continued, its intensity fluctuating through the days. I was hobbling. About an hour into my work, when the pain became extremely uncomfortable, I spoke to Liz. She was in Dorset, I was in Bristol. Not only did Liz heal me but she explained to me that there was more to my injury than I first understood. My emotional state had more-or-less instigated the pain. My body was trying to tell me something! Through Liz I’ve discovered what it is I need to do. She wanted to know if I felt any different.. Blimey! Did I ever?! I was able to move about much more easily and the pain has eased significantly. I’ve been absolutely stunned at my body’s response.Later in the day when I returned home the pain had vanished completely! I strode home happily, still amazed at what had happened. For all the subsequent days since the treatment, I’ve not suffered any recurrence of pain or stiffness. I have learnt and now understand so much through Liz’ gifts and wisdom. Thank you so much Liz! I’m on it!”



“The only thing that has prevented me from buying this service before now is not hearing about Liz sooner. The Information I received was amazing, It really helped me a lot to put myself at ease with stress and work related issues. The most useful aspect I gained from my consultation was learning how to let in all the good emotions around me and block out all the bad ones. Other benefits I gained were meditation, mental well-being and happiness.

I would recommend this service, Liz Is very kind and understanding and would recommend to all age groups. Have an open mind and give It a try, you’ll find a lot of your questions will be answered with a session with Liz.

Ryan Delglyn

Bucks, FT Sales Assistant

“You have reassured me and calmed my fears, so now am getting on with the visualisation exercises. You are brilliant you know! It’s such a spiritual way of learning. It’s a concept that needs to be available to all, especially children, maybe one day…….? Thanks again for your support and encouragement.



“I had a session with Liz and I did not have any expectations – I came as open minded as I could, which helped I think.  I consider that the information I was given was very accurate – she identified a negative event very early in my life when I was three and a half, which I have recently found out has influenced me. Liz helped me find and care for my inner child which is helping, lots! The information I was given was easy to understand and have since found it useful, very encouraging and calming. I think that I was on the “up” when I met her, it has been a positive year so far, but I have not felt so well for years and the night of my meeting with Liz I slept for eleven and a half hours without waking! Lack of sleep has been an issue for a while and I have not slept for so long since I was a child! (Thank you!).  I feel I absolutely received value for money!  I would describe the session as insightful, uncannily accurate, warm, helpful, instructive, supportive and freeing.”





Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a reading and a toxic relationship healing\soul rebalancing session?

A Reading will give you an idea of where you are headed, based on your energy in the ‘now’. They will indicate any areas in your life that you could ‘tweak’ to allow yourself to move in a more positive direction. Readings offer clarity, guidance and reassurance – which is in itself a healing experience; a place where many people start. Readings however do not offer the tools to help you ‘tweak’ your life; Toxic Relationship Healing and Soul Rebalancing is for that.

Soul Rebalancing and Toxic Relationship Healing incorporates all these things, but takes it one step further; working with transmuting your energy. This healing process may involve soul retrieval, soul rescue, cord cutting, energy management, spirit release, past life regression and/or past life readings, removing crystallized energies, extracting hardened energies, learning how to manage entities and intrusive entities, environment issues, transforming toxic emotional energies into light, overwriting imprints to name a few. Anything that is needed to free you up to truly be who you are. It is in effect evolution – and is ultimate freedom. You will need less sleep, kiss goodbye to sleepless nights; gain a clear mind and make decisions and take action with confidence and clarity. Your energy levels may increase tenfold!

So, to reiterate; If I sense that you are in a distressed or in an anxious state do not worry – I have many ‘tools in my toolbox’ that may help with this. However I would not recommend a reading if this is the case I would recommend a Soul Rebalancing Session or a Toxic Relationship Healing for this, as this is not included in a reading alone.

Are there any times when you refuse a question or a client?

My main objective is for my client to have a good experience and gain from their consultations. At times there are situations where I feel I may not be a good fit for you, I do not feel a connection or I may not have the appropriate time to offer you due to other commitments, so it is a policy of mine that I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Please do not take it personally if I refuse to serve you it just means that I do not feel I am the right person to help you; and if I feel I cannot work with you I am always happy to offer a referral for someone who may be more compatible. This could either be another energy healer or your GP for deep-seated mind treatments (not drug treatments) like transpersonal psychology. If I perceive that you are addicted to psychics I will refuse to read for you. I do not encourage addiction to psychics – you are always in charge of your own life and I am merely a guide. I cannot give you the answers you want to hear, only what I am given. If I feel you are asking the same question in a different way over and over I may refuse to work with you in the future.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as an energy healing constultant?

Life! In many areas of my expertise I am autodidact. I have been interested in the world of the unseen since a very early age, and have many stories to tell. I have felt lost in my life, have worked through the ‘dark night of my soul’ and come out the other side, as it were – so the techniques I pass on are from first hand knowledge as well as education and contemplation. During my life I have embarked on an extensive programme of study, absorption, training and working in areas of art, psychic awareness, energy healing, shamanism, life coaching, mediumship and intuition, which is continuously ongoing. I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner (that’s the piece of paper I can offer you!).

Do you 'walk your talk'?

Yes, as much as humanly possible; simply put I do because it makes me feel so much better than if I don’t. Added to the energetic lifestyle changes for me I also only drink alcohol about three times a year, literally! and I gave up smoking many years ago now – I found that both of these habits create energetic problems that do not bode well for me as a healer/psychic and I take my work very seriously, mixed in with a bit of fun of course!. I eat sensibly and like to eat fresh organic produce as much as possible.  I supplement minerals lost in the today’s soils with Sizzlers that I can happily recommend to you – I also now distribute this product so can order these for you and your animals if you so wish.  I also like to make my own face creams and make up to avoid toxins, drink filtered or spring water, grow my own herbs and veggies as much as I can … to name a few things. And, I’m just like you … so please do remember I am human!

Can I book hourly sessions with you as I go along?

I have very recently changed how I deliver my sessions due to demand and experience from the way sessions are evolving.  I now offer longer first sessions and follow up and top up sessions to guide you appropriately as you go along your healing journey.  All these sessions are geared towards your needs entirely.   Please do check out my terms and conditions for further details.