Animal Healing & Communication



This session is for 1 animal and lasts approximately one hour.  I come to your home/stable/yard, this can be arranged at the time of making your appointment.

This is a very thorough treatment where I will connect on an energy level with your animal and open up communication.  I will ask many questions relating to the issues in question and negotiate with the animal so that the issues and any energy blockages may be resolved.

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I work with animals offering hands on healing which is sometimes necessary to unblock their energy systems and bring them into balance. Whilst doing this I will often receive communications from them about what they need to help them feel better which I will pass on to you. In these sessions I will work to re-establish the flow of your animals energy systems – be it a horse, dog, cat, bird, hamster etc (I work with all species of animal). This is a non-invasive technique that may save you many hours of worry, time and money.


Clients request healing on a wide range of issues including:

Pain and Inflammation


Weakened Immune Systems

You understand what is going on in the animals mind uncovering many mysteries behavioural concerns

Fears, Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks

Skin Problems

Digestive Problems

Confusion between you

What they like doing best

Bad Behaviour

Overcoming Past Traumas

Respiratory Issues

If they are feeling unwell

What food they like best/least

… to name but a few unblock any energetic problems and rebalancing the body of the animal; for example releasing physical and emotional trauma, fear, guilt or grief giving support during changes in your home or during a move which can cause emotional upsets within your animal aiding healthy animals to relax and maintain health and well-being helps with sleep and contentment in general discover why you are together in this life and past life connections find solutions to make both parties happy in the relationship. This often releases and heals energy blockages that may have been causing a physical or mental issue in this lifetime, assisting a dying animal by gently providing comfort and pain relief and helps ease their transition into spirit deepen your connection with your animal in general to name a few. Or if you have tried everything else and can’t work out what is wrong hands on healing is always a good route to try as more often than not it will get to the route cause of an issue which then allows for healing to begin.

I work at your home, livery stable or farm-yard and from a distance if necessary. I can also work at the Polo grounds dependant on the circumstances, although this would need to be at ‘off peak’ times.  I will only travel to up to the distance of approximately 20 miles radius from Chard in Somerset so please consider this when booking.  Please do contact me to check if I will come to you if you are in any doubt – I’d rather you’d checked than not.

Once I have received your payment I shall be in touch to arrange an appointment. Please know, Liz is really busy. She always endeavours get back to you within 48 hours. On the whole wait time for appointments can be any time from 1 to 3 weeks. Occasionally slots are available the next day. I do not work in the evening after 6pm or on a Sunday.

1 animal – £50.00
2 animals – £90.00
3 animals – £120.00

Follow Up Top Up Sessions are Available with Distance Healing

x4 follow-up distant healing sessions – £75.00 (with email support and new communications)
x8 follow-up distant healing sessions – £115.00 (with email support and new communications)

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