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Over the years I have successfully worked with thousands of people.

This is the page to find out what they are saying about their experiences with sessions so that you can get a good handle on how I can help you.

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Nothing would prevent me from having more Soul Rebalancing sessions with Liz.  As a result of these sessions I have experienced increased intuitive skills, growing awareness of energy and how it works, better energetic boundaries, energy skills that help me connect with myself and others, old patterns have dissipated, new more helpful patterns have taken their place, increase in trust of myself and spirit, better quality of relationships, I catch unhelpful patterns sooner and take more appropriate action. I’m more aware when something is trying to hold me back and my attachments to it/them.  The sessions give a solid sense of support and for me it is a great benefit knowing that I have someone I trust to support me.  The info I’m given is easy to understand, authentic, accurate and most importantly – relevant. Of course, all information is open to my personal interpretation, but I discuss this with Liz and we make sure we understand each other!  I’d say the most useful aspect that I have gained from the sessions is that Liz can see my blind spots. She can see those things that are driving me that I’m not aware of or am resistant to face. This is ESSENTIAL to help me progress in life. I really enjoy working with Liz because she works WITH me. Helping to strengthen my own intuition and trust in myself, supporting me to gain insight quickly, and telling me straight when I’m doing something that no longer serves me!  I do recommend Liz to people – and this is because she is authentic, highly skilled and accurate.   I say ‘Liz works with your soul. This is deep healing work that makes a difference quickly, and you’ll see the changes in your day-to-day life. You have to put in equal effort, this is not a passive process. So if you want to make changes, gain more clarity and work through where you are now then Liz can help you.  Most of my sessions with Liz have been via Skype. We connect energetically and work just as we did when I met her in Devon. It’s so good to have access to working this way. It’s enabled me to continue working with Liz as I now live abroad.

Melanie Swan

Energy Healer and Mentor, The Online Moon Lodge

“The timings of your prediction of a man entering my life and the type of relationship it would be were spot on, I was amazed!

Bertie, my eight-year-old border collie, has had a very difficult year.  He has been suffering from a bereavement which affected him really deeply and caused him to go off his food and also develop canine eczema.  He was getting very thin and was depressed and unhappy.   The healing treatment that he was given by Liz Shewan has had an extraordinary and lasting effect.  He is now eating properly, his fur is shiny and wonderful, and he has almost no dry itchy eczema left.  I would recommend her treatment.  Bertie enjoyed it enormously, she is definitely his new best friend, and it is so good to have our merry dog back.


Gallery Owner, Hampshire

“I would absolutely recommend this service because Liz always brings clarity to situations and she has also been able to help me through deep seating emotional difficulties.

Even though the sessions are quite pricey they are worth every penny!  I have had several sessions with Liz that have helped me discover more about myself as well as aiding me in dealing with some past and present difficulties.  Liz’s clarity is excellent and equally where she can’t be specific she makes sure that it understood in the way that she explains things.  The most productive part of the service has been the de-chording of a former personal relationship which had caused longer term emotional problems.  The sessions have also helped me with thinking clearer about current situations, helping me feel more positive about the future and helping me understand my own personality traits better and how to deal with them.  I would absolutely recommend this service because Liz always brings clarity to situations and she has also been able to help me through deep seating emotional difficulties.  Liz manages to read my emotions and energies and bring a special clarity to my own thoughts, helping and guiding me in making my own choices about situations. Liz has also have been able to caution me about certain things, which I had probably already suspected, and aided me in the best way to handle them. Thank you for being so good at what you do.  I can’t wait for our next session!


Finanace Officer, Somerset

“I thought the consultation I had was a very enlightening, emotional and humbling experience. Also a very honest and informative experience.… “

I had Animal Healing sessions with Liz for mainly my dog Tessa, but also my other two dogs.  She was very thorough saying how she was getting on with my Labrador’s. Tessa with ligament problems has recovered very well and is noticeably very happy and it is very likely she will not need a very expensive operation. I have visited Liz and she is a great lover of animals and it shows.  I consider the information that I was given was accurate and easy to understand.  The most useful thing that I gained from the session was to have faith and believe.   Since the healing sessions I have very much noticed an energy shift in Tessa ,before she rarely jumped in a car now she does 9 times out of 10.  In my opinion the healings sessions are very good value for money and would consider it useful to have more sessions in the future if need be.

Robin DuBoulay


Toxic Relationship Healing with Liz has changed my life; the way I think and the outlook on not only my personal life but also my business life

The only thing that has prevented me from buying this service before now is not hearing about Liz sooner. The Information I received was amazing, It really helped me a lot to put myself at ease with stress and work related issues.  The most useful aspect I gained from my consultation was learning how to let in all the good emotions around me and block out all the bad ones. Other benefits I gained were meditation, mental well being and happiness.  I would recommend this service, Liz Is very kind and understanding and would recommend to all age groups.  Have an open mind and give It a try, you’ll find a lot of your questions will be answered with a session with Liz.

Ryan Delglyn

FT Sales Assistant, Buckinghamshire

“Liz is a fantastic coach’ CA, LifeCoach, London, 2005

I have consulted with Liz for over 6 years and have never been disappointed that I contacted her. She has a unique sense of intuition that really gets to the root of situations and gently helps make everything much clearer. I find she has always been incredibly accurate and insightful and has greatly helped me take charge of many confusing and difficult situations over the years.

Alice Rendell

Narrative Designer, Freelance

“Liz is a true professional, an incredibly sensitive empath with an awe-inspiring gift. I feel honoured and so lucky to have had the opportunity of a face-to-face consultation. She left me feeling so much lighter

I consulted Liz as an intuitive healer at a time when I had taken a sabbatical from my career. I was also experiencing quite a few life challenges. Very few words were exchanged yet Liz was able to pick up on specific individuals who were toxic for my well-being. That day gave me the confidence change negative circumstances and essentially set me on a different path.

Amanda Hayman

Business Growth Specialist, (Creative Industries)

“Soul Rebalancing with Liz has enabled me to trust my intuition much more and has helped me to accept and develop my own energetic abilities. The work we do has an immediate effect on both a soul and a physical level and is also practical and grounded to ensure that I can develop and integrate the shifts into everyday life

Liz is an incredible life adviser. Very accurate and giving, she’s really helpful when things in life get confusing. I recommend her.

Nathalie Dauphin

Connecting People, France


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