Without effective planning, nothing gets done – and this hare realises this is a key component to his success.  He has made detailed plans and realising that everyone has their role to play in communities he is collaborating with a couple of experienced members of his drove so that he can successfully reach significant goals.  They help him to keep on schedule.  And it works both ways, they value is specialist knowledge and opinion.  He is also considering that he may want to broaden his skills.




He knows that the hares he has chosen to collaborate with are as conscientious as him.  If this card shows up in your reading this is a reminder that you don’t have to go it alone completely.   However, choose wisely who you cooperate with – things can go very wrong later on if you have listened to the people who cut corners or don’t have enough attention to detail.  Your dreams can be made real with the right combination of kin, persistence, determination and effort.  Make sure these folk are very grounded!




This card is a message of encouragement and the three signifies the initial completion of creation.  Blending together the three primary colours red, yellow and blue produces a beautiful magical rainbow really indicating that you do not need to be modest about this project – it is one of beauty and substance!  This is all very encouraging.


Fairy Lanterns


Vastly underrated in my opinion and one of my favourite flowers, the enchanting foxglove comes in all colours of the rainbow as they reach up stretching for the heavens to connect with good clean energies.  Their heady aromas lure in the bees encouraging good connections and success in their productivity.




Depending on where this is placed in your reading you may need to ask yourself if you are putting off moving forward with a project or creative venture that you have in mind – are you afraid of failure?  Or are you setting setting yourself up to fail by choosing the wrong people to collaborate with thus creating tension and lack of harmony?

Chosen Jewellery Piece from Lunar Treasures for Three of Pentacles


You may or may not have realised yet that I love to create beautiful things. Each piece of jewellery I make is embodied with different energies to help with different times and situations in life.  For the Three of Pentacles I have chosen this cute fine silver  min acorn.  Acorns are known as a symbol of growth and unlimited potential. The acorn, in its dormant state, reminds us that we, too need periods of rest and dormancy. It will help us to understand the importance of living within the seasons, with grace and harmony. The acorn teaches us about our own potential and that there is much to living and our spiritual experiences that we can’t see, and that even though the roots of the oak tree can’t be seen, we can see their influence. Also wearing it on your person will also remind you to look inward to heal and issues in this area whenever you feel it on your skin, or touch it with your hand. It is so easy to sweep deep healing under the carpet, hoping that it will go away. Time does not heal these wounds, only specific introspection and negotiation can heal these wounds.

At this time this beauty is a one off, so to make it yours follow this link to my Lunar Treasures shop.  If by the time you get there it is already sold you can commission me to make one for you so just get in touch.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.

Chosen Essential Oil for The Three of Pentacles


I favour Ginger to help aid with the negative aspects of this card.  This oil will assist in the release of stress, depression and anxiety.  This oil can offer you empowerment as it stimulates the mind and calms mental exhaustion and restlessness.  It will raise you out of victim mentality and help you to be fully committed and show up to get things done.  And most importantly it will help you to not blame others for your situation – it helps us to take our power back and take full responsibility for our lives and life journey.  Using Ginger in your daily routine is a great addition to your ‘tool box’ to help release these patterns.  Get your own personal supply please follow this link to buy from my essential oils shop.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.

Help Yourself to Heal


I have helped thousands of people by offering Tarot Readings which give you an idea of where you are headed, based on your energy in the ‘now’. Readings offer clarity, guidance and reassurance – which is in itself a healing experience; a place where many people start. Readings however do not offer the tools to help you ‘tweak’ your life; Soul Rebalancing is for that.  Soul Rebalancing incorporates all these things, but takes it one step further; working with transmuting your energy. This healing process may involve soul retrieval, soul rescue, chord cutting, energy management, spirit release, past life regression and/or past life readings, removing crystallized energies, extracting hardened energies, learning how to manage entities and intrusive entities, environment issues, transforming toxic emotional energies into light, overwriting imprints to name a few. Anything that is needed to free you up to truly be who you are. It is in effect evolution – and is ultimate freedom. You will need less sleep, kiss goodbye to sleepless nights; gain a clear mind and make decisions and take action with confidence and clarity. Your energy levels may increase tenfold!

If you have any questions, please just ask.



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Liz Shewan

Liz Shewan


My passion is to help you to blossom into yourselves and challenge you to be the best version of yourself everyday. I use practical down to earth methods with a straight forward, straight talking approach, some simple energy healing techniques, intuition and clairvoyance, with a lot of creativity thrown into the mix as tools to help you do this.  All my sessions are done in such a way that you are taught how to heal yourself so that you can take this away with you and use whenever you need it, forever …